Meghan Markle 'embraces uniqueness' in photos – photographer on how to look like Duchess


Her official engagement photos from November 2017 showed off Meghan Markle’s ivory white coat from Line the Label and an emerald green dress from the Italian brand Parosh. The dress was priced at €490, or around £415, and as soon as the official photographs were released, the dress sold out on Farfetch. A professional photographer, Alexandra Cameron, spoke exclusively to about what women should do to get the ‘Markle Sparkle’ in their photographs.

Meghan has often been praised for knowing her angles and knowing how to act in front of the cameras, so she can get the best shot possible.

On her official engagement photos, Alexandra noted that Meghan just appeared so natural and happy at that moment.

She said: “Meghan Markle is a stunner, there’s no denying that and I think the glow came from how happy she was in the moment, she had just got engaged after all!

“As a little reminder, I would also say though that Meghan has a big beauty team available to her which not everyone does, it’s important to understand so as to not to try and compare.


“Still, if you were having an engagement shoot yourself, try not to even think about the way you look, get lost in the love, it’s your moment!”

To get the Meghan effect in your photos, Alexandra is saying to just feel every emotion at that moment and the happiness should just shine through.

Meghan’s angles and lighting is always top-notch, but as Alexandra says, the Duchess of Sussex does have access to an entire beauty team so it is important not to try and compare your photos too much.

Alexandra continued: “No one has the same angles, and everyone has certain things that they like to highlight, so I would try and celebrate those elements you’re most confident in!”

Meghan definitely celebrates the elements she is most confident in, usually showcasing her magnificent hair or her tight waist with a fitting pencil skirt.

Alexandra is currently partnering with Colgate for their #Poutfree Portraits series for Max White Ultimate.

She spoke on the campaign, saying: “Colgate told me that one of their survey statistics showed that 32 percent of Brits feel more self-conscious about their appearance when in front of the camera, following 18 months of staring at themselves on-screen.

“Colgate got me on board to show the power of smiling and to help coach some lucky winners on how to feel comfortable, safe and confident in front of the camera and capture that with some beautiful images.

“Most of all though we wanted to celebrate people coming together again and bring the joy.”

This is certainly the case with Meghan’s photos because she is always smiling and looking radiant.

The photographs of Meghan on what many dubbed her ‘farewell tour’ in early 2020 showed pure relaxation and feeling content.

The PoutFree campaign is celebrating the launch of the sustainable, beauty ingredient-led Colgate Elixir range.

Alexandra added: “Colgate’s survey stat revealed that almost a quarter (22 percent) of people avoid smiling because they don’t think their teeth are white enough.

“I had the same worry about the whiteness of my teeth and it really helps using teeth whitening products such as Colgate Max White Ultimate Renewal Whitening Toothpaste.”


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