Meghan Markle ‘moved to take centre stage’ – ‘not keeping herself hidden to suit others’


Meghan Markle stepped out in Santa Barbara, California yesterday to support Prince Harry  at a polo match. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex had in fact, organised the event – “An Afternoon of Polo” – which was “in support of local charities”. Harry’s team, The Los Padres were winners and Meghan joined her husband on the podium to pose for photos. spoke to body language expert Inbaal Honigman about the body language on display – especially when Meghan kissed Harry. 

Inbaal is “an accurate intuitive reader and esoteric teacher of 25 years”. In her practice Inbaal utilises colours, signs and body language to craft insightful photograph readings.

Inbaal took at look at a series of photographs taken from the polo event, as well as video footage to offer her analysis.

She said: “Meghan and Harry’s love is alive and well and stronger than ever.

“As any married person can tell you, there is nothing sexier than seeing the person you fell in love with, doing the stuff you fell in love with them for.

“After a difficult couple of years for the couple, what with a global pandemic, moving continents, lockdowns, put downs, and awkward family moments, a couple of years that required the couple to put aside all their past hobbies and careers, Meghan, wife to Harry, mum to his toddlers, got to see her husband play his sports, publicly and proudly, and not just playing – winning.

“And her whole face is beaming at the sight. Her whole body is beaming.

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“Her shoulders are pulled back and low in a comfortable, natural posture, and she’s not keeping herself hidden or making herself small to suit others. She’s fully in her element.

“How she’s holding her husband’s hand, even when they’re not speaking to each other directly, is further indication that the bond between them is strong and mutual.” 

Inbaal went on: “In a marriage, it’s easy to forget the person who first captured your heart.

“After sleepless nights, nappies and weaning, it’s natural to look across the living room table and see ‘just mum’ or ‘just dad’, but at the Polo, Meghan is clearly thrilled and proud to see her husband displaying his natural charm, wit and sportsmanship, out in the sunshine. 

“When posing for a team photo, just after Harry’s lads win the trophy, Meghan tries to slink into the background, and let her husband bask in his victory. 

“Harry subtly looks down at his wife, and gestures with his head for her to move forward, centre stage. 

“He clearly sees them as a team, too, and wants her to feel at home in all of his different social circles. 

“She obliges, her bright smile never leaving her delighted face,” Inbaal added. 


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