Michael Mosley shares 'best way' to curb appetite to lose weight – 'don’t get hungry'


Dr Michael Mosley often shares his weight loss tips with slimmers online as well as on television. He is the creator of The Fast 800 – a diet plan that helps people lose weight quickly.

The Fast 800 diet plan involves three main steps – intermittent fasting, time-restricted eating, and following the Mediterranean diet.

Dr Mosley has shared the easiest ways for slimmers to “keep on track” of this diet, including how to start incorporating intermittent fasting into their routine.

One major tip for dieters who are fasting is to have a snack “at hand”, according to Dr Mosley.

However, this snack needs to be healthy and enable dieters to feel fuller for longer.

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Dr Mosley continued: “I find that if you’re eating something which has plenty of fibre in it and plenty of nutrients, I really don’t get hungry hardly at all.”

The doctor therefore recommended eating something healthy like a handful of nuts.

He added: “That really takes the edge away.

“It is important to have decent amounts of protein, by which I mean around 50 grams a day.”

Foods that contain high amounts of protein are meat and fish, but also legumes, vegetables, lentils, and other ingredients that are included in the Mediterranean diet, according to Dr Mosley.

He went on to explain that meal replacement shakes also contain a lot of protein, saying that The Fast 800 diet involves “meal replacement shakes which are very rich in protein, and we’re also aiming to produce protein boosters, to help people who might otherwise struggle with it”.

Dr Mosley continued: “The reason for protein is you need it for your muscle.

“You need it for all sorts of essential metabolic processes.

“And also because when you consume it, it’s digested slower by your body so you don’t get the same sort of peaks.”

Another of Dr Mosley’s top tips while intermittent fasting is to eat earlier, “say 7pm to 7:30pm”.

Dr Mosley said: “Try and stop eating by 8pm, and then not eat anything with calories after that.

“The temptation is to eat cheese and biscuits late into the night.

“Although the idea that cheese will give you nightmares is a complete and utter myth, it will obviously be sort of quite a lot of calories loaded on late at night.”

The doctor added: “And we know the fat and sugar you eat later at night, it just hangs around in your system for much, much longer because your body is just closed down for night.

“Your digestive process will be closing down, and it really will not appreciate that late night snack.”


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