Microsoft Teams is FINALLY bringing a change to meetings that was promised a year ago


Microsoft Teams users will soon be able to try out a potentially game-changing new tool. The Dynamic View feature was first unveiled by Microsoft last year, with fans going on to face a lengthy wait for its eventual rollout. But Teams users have now moved one step closer to Dynamic View’s general release date, with the feature now available in the Teams preview channel.

When Dynamic View was first announced in July of last year, Microsoft said it would offer Teams users more control over how they see shared content and other participants during a meeting.

Shared content and specific people in a meeting can be shown side-by-side, with this viewpoint able to be personalised to suit a user’s preferences and needs.

The main selling point of Dynamic View though is the way it is capable of automatically adjusting what is displayed on screen during a meeting – thanks to the power of AI.

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As Microsoft explains in the 365 Roadmap: “Dynamic view automatically optimises shared content and video participants in Teams meetings.

“New controls let you personalise the view to suit your preferences and needs, such as the ability to show shared content and specific participants side-by-side.”

The clever new tool could lead to more engagement among participants thanks to the way it can automatically adjust and optimise shared content shown during a meeting.

The Dynamic View feature had previously been pencilled in for a March release date.

But now the 365 Roadmap says it should reach general availability in April.

With time running out in the month though, we’ll have to see if the feature meets that deadline or not.

In other Microsoft Teams news, this week has seen the Breakout rooms feature get a slight tweak.

Organisers that set up a Breakout room in Teams can now set a time limit for a session.

To do this, organisers need to head to the Breakout rooms Settings panel and then toggle on ‘set a time limit’.

The timer kicks in when the first participant enters a Breakout room, and when there’s only 60 seconds left on the clock all attendees will be alerted.

Once the time is up the room will be closed automatically and participants will return to the main meeting. So you’ll have to make sure you’ve rattled through your agenda for the day before the timer hits zero.


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