Millions could slash prescriptions costs with NHS schemes – full list of groups eligible


For further clarification on whether or not they are eligible, people can use the NHS’ three-minute tool that allows them to check more accurately, here.

It’s important to check this, as if prescriptions are found to be fraudulently claimed for free, people could face fines of five times the original amount owed, up to £100.

The NHS can then also charge an extra £50 if a person does not pay within 28 days of receiving the penalty charge notice.

Alison O’Brien, head of loss recovery services, from NHSBSA said: “The NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) checks claims randomly and retrospectively in order to appropriately recover funds and return them to NHS services.

“We encourage all patients to check their entitlement before claiming free prescriptions and our online tool provides support to understand if they are eligible.”


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