Morrisons shoppers praise supermarket for 'fantastic' service that makes some 'emotional'


Morrisons has launched a free service in some stores for women struggling to get access to sanitary products. A customer shared a poster they had found in a Morrisons shop with details of the service, and hundreds of people praised the supermarket.

Customers have expressed their delight and even gratitude to Morrisons after finding out that the supermarket has launched a new free service in some of its stores.

The service is available for anyone who needs sanitary products.

All customers need to do is ask a member of Morrisons’ customer service staff for “Sandy” and they will be given sanitary products for free in an envelope.

The number of girls and women unable to afford access to period products since the start of the pandemic has tripled, and so it is clear why Morrisons’ initiative would be welcomed by many customers.

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Furthermore, Bloody Good Period, a charity that supplies sanitary products to those who can’t afford them, has donated over 60,000 packs to girls and women since the beginning of last year.

Customers discovered that Morrisons is offering a free sanitary products service when one shopper shared an image on Twitter this week.

The photo was of a poster seen in one of the supermarket’s stores outlining the details of the service.

It said: “Please don’t feel shy. If you are in need or struggling for sanitary products go to our Customer Service Kiosk (next to Timpsons) and ask for a package that Sandy has left for you.


“You will be given a free discreet envelope with what you need no questions asked.”

The customer who shared the photo said in the post’s caption: “Well done Morrisons.”

The post received more than 30,000 likes and received more than 150 comments, with most people agreeing with the original tweeter and expressing their delight at the news of the service.

Some customers were even emotional. One wrote: “Don’t know why this has made me cry but it has! Fantastic, so thoughtful.”

Accompanied with a crying face emoji, another customer added: “Thought it was just me.”

“Is it weird that I’m crying?” one person wrote.

Another shopper said: “This made me emotional. We are so far behind on this as a society, considering it affects half of the population and is the reason we are all here! Kudos, Morrisons.”

Plenty of other customers also praised Morrisons. One person wrote: “Morrisons again doing a good deed. They gave 10% off food bills for nurses first then key workers. Well done Morrisons.”

Another customer added: “That is absolutely awesome.”

One person wrote: “You really are so amazing and wonderful, thank you.”

Other customers said that they would like to see more stores and other supermarkets rolling out this service too. One customer wrote: “Hopefully other big names follow suit well done Morrisons.”

Another shopper added: “That is brilliant we need more supermarkets following their lead.”

One person said: “Fantastic Morrisons. Hope other stores follow.”

According to Manchester Evening News, Morrisons confirmed that the ‘Ask Sandy’ service is not a company-wide initiative and is only available in some stores.

However, a spokesperson for the supermarket added that it is something the retailer is willing to explore further.


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