Most common mistakes travellers make on holiday – how to avoid to ‘save huge amount’


8. Overweight luggage

Airlines have weight limits when it comes to luggage, so travellers should ensure that their bags meet the requirements before the dreaded weigh-in, to avoid further charges.

“Try and wear all bulky items of clothing and footwear such as jackets or trainers, to avoid having to pack them.”

9. Not checking rules on liquids

Airlines are also stringent when it comes to liquids, and carry-on luggage can only hold liquids in 100ml bottles.

They must be sealed in a single, transparent bag that measures around 20cm x 20cm.

Jonathan warned: “Remembering this rule and purchasing these bags prior to your flight will allow you to check whether your liquids fit at home, avoiding a situation where you have to throw away any products.”

10. Visiting attractions and travelling at peak times

“It might seem more convenient to book a holiday over a weekend, especially if you are trying to save up your annual leave at work.

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“However, it is worth doing some research prior to travelling in order to find out the best times to visit attractions.”

Tourist attractions may charge visitors more at peak times – which usually fall on weekends – or at certain times of the day.

Check when the off-peak visiting hours are for tourist attractions to potentially get some cheaper deals.


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