MOT test: Millions could be banned from driving or fined £2,500 for making simple mistakes

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The results revealed widespread confusion over a range of simple issues with the test. This included the procedure of the test, the information provided in test results and what happens after a car fails.

Alarmingly, the new research found 44 percent of drivers were unaware an expired MOT test would risk invalidating their car insurance.

This would see drivers cover completely axed and would force them to secure a new policy from a specialist provider which would likely be more expensive.

Meanwhile, nine percent of drivers mistakenly believe they will still have a valid insurance policy if they fail their test.

Instead, failing an MOT will effectively cancel the insurance contract as drivers will be liable for costs.

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However, if a car fails with a ‘dangerous’ fault it is no longer road legal and cannot be driven until it has been repaired.

Motorists who drive a car with a dangerous fault could be issued a £2,500 fine, a driving ban and three penalty points.

Meanwhile, drivers who fail with only a major fault can still drive with their previous certificate if it is still valid.

But motorists are warned their car could be considered unroadworthy which could see drivers prosecuted for dangerous driving.

The research also revealed 26 percent of motorists mistakenly think a test means their car will be safe to drive for the next 12 months.

However, this does not take into account any minor issues which could worsen and make a vehicle dangerous to drive.

Ryan Fulthorpe, motoring expert at GoCompare said a test “doesn’t guarantee the car will be in good running order”.

He has urged drivers should carry out regular checks on their vehicles to ensure they are completely safe.

“The regular testing of vehicles as they get older helps to ensure cars are safe and roadworthy.

“A valid MOT certificate confirms a car has met the minimum standard of roadworthiness at the time of testing.

“It doesn’t guarantee the car will be in good running order over the next year, so it’s essential that drivers carry out regular checks and have their car regularly serviced.”

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