'My brain has been scrambled': Woman's 'debilitating' memory loss caused by long Covid


The pandemic is starting to feel like a bad memory for many Britons but this is not the case for a large minority. That’s because they are still feeling the effects of the viral infection. It’s estimated that over a million Britons are living with long Covid, which has come to describe the symptoms that linger long after the initial infection has disappeared.

One sufferer, Mum-of-two Linda Hamlet, 49, has described how long Covid left her with “debilitating” memory loss.

Linda, who works in the oil industry, was already signed off work with another condition when she got covid.

But said she is no closer to returning due to her debilitating symptoms, including headaches, tinnitus and brain fog.

She struggles to drive, watch TV or read due to issues with her concentration and has had short term memory loss – which left her unsure how to change her bed.

Her husband Paul, who has worked offshore for a decade, had to give up his job to look after Linda and their sons.

Linda, from Aberdeenshire, said she is frustrated with the lack of support for long covid sufferers, and has been left fearing for her future with no treatment available. Linda said: “I have a responsible and technical job in the oil industry.

“I’m a reasonably intelligent woman but a few weeks ago, I was changing the bed and I couldn’t for the life of me work out how the duvet cover went on. That’s how much my brain has been scrambled by long covid.

“Sometimes I can’t drive, watch TV or read a book because I can’t concentrate. I’m fortunate my employer has been understanding and supportive, but I’m worried about the future.”


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