'Never skimp on prep': Avoid the most common DIY renovation painting mistakes


According to Georgina, who often appears on ITV’s This Morning to dispense her expertise, failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

On average DIY jobs take £3,208 to fix. Just making sure you do your research can avoid this cost.

She told readers: “I’m all for DIY, but a lot of people underestimate how long a task will take and then skip vital preparation stages.

“You need to put far more time aside than you imagine it will take.”

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Of course, calling a professional is a safer way of getting a job done at home.

After all, we can’t all be decorating experts and our homes are important spaces.

Georgina said: “If you just don’t have the time or simply don’t trust your skills, then invest in getting a professional in.”

Professionals are called in to fix botched DIY jobs all the time, but which are the most commonly hired to put right? Which published a list based on their own research.

Which painting mistakes can devalue your home most? 

Choosing the wrong colour of paint can especially put buyers off your home.

Leaning into a trend will leave your home feeling guilty very soon.

Georgina advised: “I think simply going for a fashionable colour or style is always going to be the wrong way to go.

“A room needs to make you feel good and you are unique.”


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