New 2022 driving laws coming into effect next week may be a 'risk to pedestrians'


Peter Lorence, a serious injury lawyer at Irwin Mitchell, has warned drivers “may not be aware” of the driving law changes, leading to massive risks for some. New Highway Code changes will see a whole range of new rules come into effect from January 29.

One of these is a new rule giving extra priority to pedestrians at junctions.

However, there are fears pedestrians may “assert their rights” and simply step into the road even if it is unsafe.

Mr Lorence has urged for “all road users to be aware of the new rules” to ensure accidents can be avoided.

He said: “One change that should be highlighted in particular is pedestrian priorities at junctions.

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Michael Gambin, approved driving instructor, has also issued a warning around the new rules changes,

He said the updates mean pedestrians were “top of the pyramid” with the highest priority under the updates.

He said: “So the way I am going to be calling it to my clients is ‘light is right’.

“The smaller the vehicle or the person, the more priority they have.

“What that basically means is you have pedestrians at the top of the pyramid, followed by cyclists, then horses, then motorcyclists, cars, vans, trucks, coaches, things like that.”


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