New caravan rules: Yearly tests could cost owners almost £100

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The Department for Transport’s Trailer Safety Report is looking into the feasibility of introducing annual testing for light O2 trailers between 750kg and 3,000kg. The report is also looking into launching a new registration scheme for all owners of light trailers to cut crime.

“In the second year onwards, only new O2 trailers entering the market will need to be registered and display a number plate. This is a total cost of around £6 million per year.

“Roadworthiness testing for O2 trailers will be required annually at a registered test centre. The average fee owners can expect to pay is £49 per trailer.

“Assuming that the number of trailers remains constant each year, the total cost of roadworthiness testing is around £68 million per year.

“In the first year, the total cost of registration and roadworthiness testing is around £129 million. From the second year onwards, annual costs will total around £74.

Mandatory yearly checks are being considered after DfT chiefs were concerned about the safety of light trailers.

Roadside checks found 50 percent of light trailers were non-compliant with safety rules.

In comparison, just 20 percent of heavy trailers were found to be breaking safety instructions.

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