New Virgin Media deal just made BT broadband look very expensive – is it time to switch?


Want better broadband speeds at a cheaper price? Now could be a good time to go online shopping with Virgin Media revealing some new deals which could save some homes over one hundred pounds. The Internet Service Provider (ISP) is now offering its basic broadband for just £20 per month with this deal also including a fixed landline for making calls to friends and family.

For that low price, you’ll get 50Mbps downloads which are fast enough to watch Netflix in 4K or spend hours sending emails and surfing the web.

As a quick comparison, BT is currently offering its Fire Essential plan for £28.99 – that’s £8.99 more expensive and includes slower 38Mbps downloads.

Another bonus of the deal from Virgin is the ISP has scrapped its usual set-up fee which means it’s totally free to join. The deal lasts for 18 months and also includes Talk Weekends allowing customers to chat without paying a penny extra.


If 50Mbps sounds too slow, don’t panic. Virgin has also announced that customers can double those speeds to 100Mbps for just £4 more per month.

This deal is also free to join and lasts for 18 months.

Still not quick enough? The final offer from Virgin comes with speedy 200Mbps downloads for just £28 per month which is 99p cheaper than those 38Mbps speeds from BT.

With this fibre beamed into your living room, you could download a full HD movie in under three minutes.


One other thing to remember is that existing O2 customers who take Virgin Media services can boost their broadband speed to the next available tier by opting-in to unlock their Volt benefits, meaning those who purchase the 100Mbps broadband and home phone bundle could boost their broadband speed to 200Mbps at no additional cost – just for being a customer of both Virgin Media and O2.


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