Nigel Farage catches up with ‘old friend’ Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago amid US comeback tour

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The Brexiteer and former MEP flew into America for a speaking tour to re-energise grassroots Conservatives in the country. Taking to Twitter on Monday evening, Mr Farage revealed he had met up with his pal Mr Trump.

He wrote: “Just caught up with my old friend Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago. He looks fit and well.”

Mr Farage is set to visit nearly a dozen states in America over the next six weeks.

The tour has been organised by FreedomWorks, a Conservative grassroots organisation which advocates for smaller government, lower taxes and free markets.

The ex-UKIP and Brexit party leader tweeted about his ‘America’s Comeback Tour’.

He said: “When Brexit looked lost in Britain, we showed that the grassroots can fight back to win victory.

“That is my message to Conservative activists in America on this trip.”

In a video message he told American voters: “Don’t get down, don’t get depressed, don’t get disillusioned. However bad Biden and the Democrats are in some ways this is your opportunity.”

Mr Farage quarantined for two weeks on the Caribbean island of St Maarten before arriving in Miami at the end of last week.

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In a statement about the tour, Mr Farage said: “Right now, many in the conservative movement are feeling scared, angry and demoralised for a number of reasons.”

He added: “The American Conservative movement can take back this country by offering people a hopeful image of the future.

“It’s up to the grassroots to inspire people to believe that we can change things for the better.

“We wind not just elections, but hearts and minds, and great cultural battles by reaching out to and mobilising Americans with a positive message.”

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