Nigel Farage says fuel duty campaigners are 'whistling in the wind' in push for tax cut

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Fuel duty has been frozen for the past ten years at 57.95 pence per litre and there has been much debate over the fate of the charge this time around. As the Government looks to encourage people to switch to electric cars, a rise to 60.79p per litre looked on the cards.

Mr Farage then welcomed Howard Cox, founder of FairFuelUK who are pushing for changes in fuel duty.

Instead of simply freezing the fee for an 11th year, they are pushing for rates to be further reduced to help out Britain’s motorists.

“You’ve been lobbying the Chancellor for a cut in fuel duty in the budget on Wednesday.

“Howard Cox I put it to you, you are whistling in the wind.”

“Working on that basis he has got room to cut by 3p and that will balance the books beautifully for drivers.

“It’s a horrible day for drivers and [oil] is going to get higher.”

FairFuelUK has called for Mr Sunak to have the “leadership mettle and wisdom” to help motorists in his Autumn Budget.

He said over 40,000 FirFuelUK supporters have emailed the Chancellor calling for a reduction in fuel duty.

However, as a bare minimum, he said the price in duty should at least be maintained at its current rate.

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