No PlayStation VR game in PS Plus August? Download this free experience today

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With a solid mix of different game genres to choose from in next month’s PS Plus lineup, Sony has made it a goal to support its new PS5 console.

This means more next-gen titles and upgrades are being included, which is great news for those gamers who have managed to buy a PlayStation 5.

2021 has also seen a small increase in PlayStation VR games included each month in PS Plus, although August doesn’t follow that pattern.

Next week, subscribers will be able to download Hunter’s Arena: Legends, Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, and Tennis World Tour 2.

And as you can see, there isn’t much there to entice a PSVR owner to strap their headset back on.

And with previous months boasting Concrete Genie, Farpoint and Star Wars: Squadrons, there might be a small wait before we see something new for Virtual Reality fans.

In the meantime, gamers have something new they can download from the PlayStation Store and play using their VR headset this week.

Sony has confirmed that a new demo for an upcoming fast-paced VR experience is available to download right now.

Called Fracked, the demo includes being able to zoom down mountains on snow skis while preparing for the gunfights to come.

Players will have to outrun snowdrifts and traverse different areas of the map, with cover playing a big part in the full gameplay experience.

The full game will be released to the public on August 20, with up to 72 hours of early access and bonus content for those of you who pre-order the Deluxe Edition.

A message from the Fracked team reveals: “The demo opens with our hero in the aftermath of an avalanche, and after signalling to mountain rescue for assistance, you’re tasked with outrunning the next impending snowdrift.

“This nail-biting ski section immediately immerses the player into the action from the start with intuitive 1:1 movement. After this epic escape, the experience switches gears to equally frenetic combat and climbing scenarios as you head deeper into the adventure.

“Grabbable cover is a core gameplay mechanic in Fracked which re-energises the genre. We’ve actually got a term for it called run and cover gunplay.

“That is a big part of the innovation in this game. These are concepts that would usually be at odds with each other but are designed to keep the combat fresh.

“One moment, as the hunter, you’re feeling like a real Hollywood action hero, but as you become overwhelmed, you intuitively grab cover for respite. As the power dynamic switches, cover becomes a necessary tactical strategy to outmanoeuvre the enemy as you become the prey.

“We feel that in VR you can get caught up on the technology and lose sight of what the gaming audience want, which is just a really fun game.

“With a great gaming experience as your priority, you ask yourself how VR can elevate tried and tested FPS sensibilities, rather than focusing on providing a VR tech demo.”

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