‘Not fair!’ Britons call for state pension age to be frozen at 66 – ‘halt it’


The state pension age was traditionally 60 for women and 65 for men, but this was changed for the purpose of alignment for both the sexes. The state pension age was 65 for both men and women, but this rose to 66 – its current level – with further increases expected.

However, there is some opposition to the idea of increases to the state pension age which have now been laid out in a petition posted to the Parliament website. 

The petition, entitled “Do not increase state pension age above 66”, states: “The state pension age is set to increase from 66 to 68 over the coming years, and there are concerns this could be further increased in the future.

“We want the Government to halt future increases and leave the state pension age where it currently stands for both men and women.

“The decision made was based on the Cridland review of the state pension, on the basis of increased life expectancies. 

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The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) recently confirmed the outcome of an ongoing state pension age review is set to be published next May.

In a written response to SNP MP, Owen Thompson, Pensions Minister Alex Burghart said: “Work is underway on the second Government Review of state pension age which, under the Pensions Act 2014, must be published by May 2023.

“This Review will consider a wide range of evidence, including findings from two independent reports, to assess whether the rules about State Pension age remain appropriate.”

Separate from the petition, Prime Minister Liz Truss recently refused to rule out raising the retirement age for millions of Britons.

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When asked about the matter at the Tory party conference, she told Sky News: “You’re asking me to speculate about all kinds of decisions that haven’t yet been made.”

Several Express.co.uk readers have commented on the rising state pension age before, making their opinions known. 

Frankieee argued: “There is no respect for elders, old age is seen as a burden. This country really is going to the dogs.”

MarcoPolo247 said: “If ANY Government tries to put up the retirement age any higher, the whole country should rise up. A man or woman working full time until they’re 67 is already too high.”

However, not everyone shared the same sentiments about retirement age. 

Mr Chairman wrote: “I can’t imagine retiring, my work gives my life purpose and fulfilment. I will never retire.”

Rozlegg also stated: “Left school age 15 and had to wait until 66 for pension. Given many stay in education system until they are 21, then yes, pension age needs to be raised accordingly.”

A DWP spokesperson told Express.co.uk: “The state pension continues to provide the foundation for retirement planning and financial security in older age. 

“The Government is required by law to regularly review state pension age and has launched the second state pension Age Review.

“The Review will consider whether the rules around state pension age are appropriate, based on a wide range of evidence including two independent reports.”


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