Now we know who's really running the UK and it's not Liz Truss, Jeremy Hunt or even the EU


The bond market. You didn’t vote them in, and you certainly can’t vote them out. Bond market representatives do not sit in Parliament or write the laws that govern our country.

They don’t have a name, a face, or an institutional body that sets out their policy or handles complaints.

None of that matters. The bond market still tells our elected representatives what to do, and there is nothing any of us can do about it.

The bond market is made up of a global band of institutional investors who buy government debt such as UK gilts.

Governments fund their spending by issuing bonds, so they have to keep investors sweet. If they turn against us, we are doomed.

This was the lesson that former Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng forgot, when he announced £43billion of unfunded tax cuts.

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