Old ending spoilers: Some clever fans deciphered the cryptogram from the trailer weeks ago


WARNING: SPOILERS FOR OLD THE MOVIE. M Night Shyamalan’s new thriller saw a group of unsuspecting holiday-makers trapped on a beach where they began to age rapidly. But it was only at the end of Old that the way out was revealed.

After the adults had perished in the night, only children Trent and Maddox were still alive and now in their fifties.

But then Trent realised he still had a cryptogram from the kid Idlib at the hotel to decipher.

He quickly worked out that the message read: “My uncle doesn’t like the coral.”

Suddenly the siblings understood that the driver played by Shyamalan must be Idlib’s uncle who was watching and filming them on the beach from the cliff.

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Mike added: “But if not, if this is the answer, watch any uncle in OLD, especially if he goes near the coral.”

Additionally, two months ago on Reddit TaylorDangerTorres wrote: “Best I can guess is ‘My Uncle Doesn’t Like the Coral’ (the movie seems to take place on a beach) but that doesn’t seem right lol.”

Well, just like Mike they were right after all. But, understandably, the message does seem a little odd without context.

Old is out now in cinemas.


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