Pancreatic cancer can cause ascites – signs you need to tell your doctor or nurse


All this forms part of the painful experience of pancreatic cancer, a disease which like all forms of cancer has taken the lives of many, including Steve Jobs and Patrick Swayze.

While the survival rate for pancreatic cancer is low, Cancer Research UK say 37 percent of all pancreatic cancer cases are preventable.

Despite this reasonable number, the causes behind the disease are not fully understood.

The NHS says you’re more likely to develop pancreatic cancer if:

• You are over the age of 75
• Have certain medical conditions such as chronic pancreatitis
• There is a family history of pancreatic cancer.

Nevertheless, there are some ways people can reduce their risk. This includes trying to lose weight, cutting down on red and processed meat reducing alcohol consumption, and quitting smoking.

These are simple steps, but they can have a big impact not just in reducing your risk of pancreatic cancer, but all cancers too.

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