Pension ‘gateway benefit’ could hold key to greater retirement support – are you eligible?


Many pensioners are struggling financially against the backdrop of almost unprecedented levels of inflation and astronomical increases in energy prices. Pension Credit could help people access a whole host of benefits which may help them cope during these challenging times.

For couples, this rises to £15.71.

Savings Credit is paid to people who have more income and reached state pension age before April 6, 2016.

Some people may be put off applying for Pension Credit as they may believe they will only get a small amount of support.

However, it is important to note that by receiving any amount of Pension Credit, Britons could automatically entitle themselves to various other benefits.

Pension Credit has been dubbed a ‘gateway benefit’ for this reason.

How to claim

Britons can apply for Pension Credit via the Government website, or alternatively by phone or post.

An applicant’s income will be assessed to determine how much support they can get, if any, and if someone has a partner, they must be included in the application.

Applications can be started up to four months before an individual reaches state pension age, and people who have already reached this threshold can backdate their claim by up to three months.


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