Pensioner plans to never visit city again due to 'ridiculous' road changes in Kent


William Newman, 81, has attacked a new scheme set to be introduced in Canterbury in the new year. Mr Newman even claims the new proposals may be enough to stop him ever travelling into the city centre again.

“The Simmonds Road junction is bad enough now, but if you get more cars and lorries coming out of there, it’ll be jammed up.”

Local residents also took to Twitter to vent their anger at the new road plans.

JannerJo said: “When there’s lights/traffic etc on Wincheap the streets round Oxford / Heaton / Zealand [roads completely] snarl up.

“[Very] dangerous as people get angry and frustrated [with] parked cars & dodgy junctions.

Kent County Council confirmed the new plans were approved by committees over three years ago.

The council said they had an “open mind” about the future developments of the area and added any schemes would help to “relieve congestion”.

A spokesperson said: “Part of the Wincheap scheme mentioned was approved in outline through a planning consent granted by Canterbury City Council’s planning committee following its compliance with highway standards, Canterbury’s Transport Strategy and Local Plan policy for the development at Thanington reference 17/00519.

“That application gained committee approval on 18th September 2018.

“Works relating to the scheme would be completed by the developer of the Thanington site. KCC is currently seeking confirmation from the developer on their proposed timescales.

“We maintain an open mind about the possibilities for future development in this area.

“Officers are working with a range of partners, including National Highways and Canterbury City Council on options to relieve congestion in the area.”


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