People on Universal Credit and other benefits could get £800 – are you eligible?


The reminder comes as low income British families are struggling to pay for soaring energy bills and rising food and fuel prices amid news that inflation soared to 5.4 percent last month. With the energy cap predicted to rise a further £500 this April, people on benefits are being encouraged to seek financial help which might include an emergency loan.

Almost six million Britons rely on Universal Credit payments from the DWP because they are out of work or on a low income.

Charities see people every day who are facing impossible choices when it comes to putting food on the table or paying bills.

Although borrowing money should always be a last resort – many households could find that this is now their only option.

People on benefits like Universal Credit can apply for up to £812 from the DWP to help them pay their bills and it doesn’t have to be paid back in one large lump sum.

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How much a claimant will get depends on their circumstances and whether they are a couple and have children.

However, the minimum they can apply for is £100 with £812 set as the maximum.

Low income households should also check with their local council if they can get up to £100 from its Household Support Fund.

They should have received a letter already if they qualify but are advised to get in touch if they haven’t received notification.

Britons can get up to three Budgeting Advances per year.

However, previous loans usually have to be paid off before taking out another.

To apply for a Budgeting Advance, people can add a note in their Universal Credit journal.

Alternatively, they could call the Universal Credit helpline on 0800 328 5644.


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