Piers Morgan debates Met Gala propriety, fashion with Melissa Rivers


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On the latest episode of “Piers Morgan Uncensored”, simulcast on Fox Nation, host Piers Morgan discussed the recent Metropolitan Museum of Art Gala with fashion expert and actress Melissa Rivers.

Morgan noted that Rivers, daughter of the late Joan Rivers, famously co-starred with him in the 2009 season of “The Apprentice” hosted by President Donald Trump.

The host added that he believed the Met Gala was an unnecessary, over-the-top affair that allowed the wealthiest Americans to self-aggrandize while regular folks are dealing with inflation, COVID and the war in Ukraine.

“Let them eat cake – that was the clear message,” he said, dubbing socialite Kim Kardashian a “billionaire irritant” who had no place wearing Marilyn Monroe’s $5 million dress made famous in 1962 when the late actress sang “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” to JFK.



“Ms. Kardashian said that she cried when she realized she didn’t fit into the dress. Yeah. Maybe cry about something a bit more worthwhile in the world,” Morgan said of Kardashian.

Rivers, however, later somewhat defended the gala’s pomp, saying the fashion industry was “decimated” by the pandemic and finally had a night to show off.

“It’s not just about the designers. It’s about the people that make the dresses and make the fabric and the mills and the people who build them. So there’s a whole other part of the industry that people don’t see,” Rivers said.


Melissa Rivers

Melissa Rivers
(Sean Black)

Morgan responded by reiterating his distaste for the gala, calling it “utterly ridiculous” that Kardashian’s sister Kylie Jenner reportedly wore a “wedding dress and baseball cap [and] had eight people pack her into it.”

Later, Rivers replied that she wasn’t saying all aspects of the night were good, and that she also did not understand Jenner’s outfit.


In closing, Morgan remarked that he still opposed some of what went on at the event, remarking:

“When you’ve got a bunch of Kardashians, Emily Ratajkowski finally keeping some clothes on, one of the Beckham kids — who’s only famous because his dad kicked a football – it all looked very low rent.”


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