PlayStation VR surprise – Sony giving away FREE PS4 games to PSVR fans

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PSVR has become a successful part of the PlayStation brand and will soon be getting an upgraded headset that works natively with the PS5.

This won’t be happening in 2021, which is a shame, as it would’ve been the perfect way to celebrate the Virtual Reality device’s fifth anniversary.

But Sony still has plans to commemorate the PlayStation VR’s five years of being on the market by other means.

It’s been confirmed that next month, PlayStation Plus members will get three PS VR bonus games for free.

Sony hasn’t revealed which PS4 games will be included, but there’s a good chance there will be some popular titles among them.

A message from Sony explains: “Today marks the fifth anniversary of the day PlayStation VR was introduced to the world, and we want to take this moment to thank all of our fans and our talented development community for embracing this platform and supporting PS VR through the years.

“It’s amazing to see how virtual reality has really established itself in these past five years as a platform for gaming, and we’re pleased to have PS VR play a big role in VR’s growth.

“Since the PS VR launch, we have seen a diverse range of unique experiences that showcase a sense of presence we set out to achieve with this platform, including critically acclaimed games such as the thrilling sights and sounds action shooter Rez Infinite, the epic rescue mission platformer Astro Bot Rescue Mission, and the stealth action of Hitman 3.”

The full PS Plus reveal is expected to be made on October 27 and will include all the free games that are being released as part of the subscription service.

This means that for some gamers, there could be over five games to download during the start of November through PlayStation Plus.

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