Portugal expat shares the 'best' things about life in Faro – 'low costs & 300 days of sun'


There are some additional attributes, which also make life particularly alluring for an expat moving abroad.

While the initial language barrier may seem intimidating to some, Ms Porter says it is very accessible for English speaking people to transition into neighbourhood life.

“The Portuguese are very friendly and love to speak English with the English,” she said.

This makes it easier for the English as they’re very open and adaptable.”

It also means that the healthcare system is also “good” and straightforward enough to navigate.

“The doctors are very well educated and equipped and many speak multiple languages including English so the healthcare is fairly good if you’re in Portugal long term,” continued Ms Porter.

Another major draw is the cost of living.

“The living costs are quite low eg when you shop in local supermarkets, I spend about half of what I do in London on a weekly shop,” she said.


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