Portugal expats: Nation beats UK for 'better cost of living and quality of life'

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Portugal has been named by experts as a hotspot for UK expats looking to move abroad. Two new reports have highlighted the nation both for its low cost of living and the lifestyle it provides people.

Experts from Kronos Homes, the developer behind key-ready properties in the Amendoeria Golf Resort, point to the area as providing low-cost properties too.

“Between Portugal’s superior quality of life, its value as a holiday destination, the short flight from the UK and the facilities on offer at Amendoeira, I think families will be hard-pressed to find a more appealing second home destination,” said Alda Filipe, sales and marketing director of Kronos Homes.

A spokesperson from AB properties added: “With property priced at €1,185 per square metre, Portugal’s homes are also cheaper than pretty much all of western Europe.”

Previously, experts also pointed to Portugal as a cheaper option than Spain for Britons looking to relocate overseas.

A spokesperson from ExpatNetwork suggests this is particularly true since Brexit.

Prior to Brexit, Britons could move to either nation with ease thanks to the freedom of movement offered under European Union (EU) membership.

Since January 1, 2021, new post-Brexit rules means Britons must apply for visas when moving to either nation.

The cost of these vary, which experts from ExpatNetwork suggest makes Portugal a more favourable option when it comes to ease of applying and the associated costs, particularly for retirees.

A spokesperson for the ExpatNetwork explained: “The NLV allows you to take up residence in Spain, provided you have sufficient funds to support yourself and you do not need to work there.

“It is this requirement that is causing problems for many Britons.

“You have to demonstrate an income of €33,893 (approximately £29,388) a year for a couple and €47,451 (£41,144) for a family of four.

“This requirement will rule out the option of retiring to Spain for many.

“Those who are retiring on a basic UK State pension, £9,339 in 2021, will not qualify.”

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