Portugal travel restrictions: What are Portugal's new quarantine rules? UK now 'high risk'


The UK now resides on Portugal’s “high risk” list, which includes countries on the other side of a dangerous swing in local case rates. Alongside tourists from other nations such as India, Brazil and South Africa, Brits now face quarantine after they land. But not everyone has to follow the new measures, as Portugal has tailored them to fit with the UK’s vaccine programme.

What are Portugal’s new quarantine rules?

Portuguese authorities have clamped down on British nationals arriving on their shores.

Although the country was one of the first to welcome UK tourists, the rapidly evolving case rate has forced them to change tack.

New rules will impact unvaccinated people looking to get away from the UK’s volatile weather this summer.

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They could choose to extend or reduce the current timescale if the conditions align.

The Portuguese government said it could change its ruling “at any time, depending on the evolution of the epidemiological situation”.

The move from Portugal marks the latest push from some authorities in Europe to consider the UK as an international infection risk.

While Portuguese officials made their decision independently, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has pushed for an EU-wide classification.

According to The Times, she recently petitioned EU officials to ban British travellers regardless of whether they have had both jabs.

Ms Merkel would designate the UK a “country of concern” due to rapidly climbing local infections, with a seven-day infection rate of 16,367.

Officials with the EU’s integrated response committee will discuss a potential status move.

Several countries, including Greece and Spain, seem poised to resist it, however.


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