Potato milk benefits: How this unusual, dairy-free milk could lower your cholesterol


Potato milk is not only interesting (and apparently delicious), it has a number of health benefits.

Plant milk is the only option for vegans and those who have a cow’s milk allergy or lactose intolerance.

Full-fat dairy milk is high in saturated fat (3.7g per 100ml, and 2.4g of saturated fat), which is linked to raised cholesterol levels.

Potato milk, on the other hand, has 3.0g of fat per 100ml – and only 0.2g of that is saturated fat.

Dr Lee explained: “Potato milk has a similar three percent fat content to dairy milk, although most of this is unsaturated, healthy fat.”

Drinking potato milk instead of cow’s milk could help you to keep your weight in a healthy range, as unsweetened potato milk has 39 calories per 100 ml compared to 68 calories per 100ml for cow’s milk.

Eating lots of saturated fat and being overweight can raise your cholesterol and increase your risk of heart disease, so making the swap from cow’s milk to potato milk every single day could really help.


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