Prince Harry's new job: 'Ability to hear and regurgitate corporate-speak will help him'


“Harry’s job title is so non-specific that it might entail little more than breezing into the office a few hours a month to share some great ideas and figurehead the marketing,” Judi said.

“If not though he might struggle as a boss in terms of solid, hands-on management skills. A great boss will usually know their business inside out. Great bosses have often worked their way up through the business to enable them to lead and manage with wisdom and experience.

“Many bosses need to know how to avoid the quagmire of office politics too and I suspect that Harry, with his eye on changing the world, might not excel at dealing with the kind of petty but lethal jealousies, fall-outs and other gripes that can be part of the true day to day running of most businesses.”

Although, the Duke may be suited to employment in other ways.


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