Putin humiliated as 17 Kremlin battalions destroyed in less than 3 months of fighting


Oleksii Reznikov announced the humiliating losses in a Facebook post on Tuesday. The minister said that Russia’s ability to conduct successful offensive operations had been “overestimated”.

He said: “During this period, the Ukrainian defenders (both men and women) proved that Russia’s ability to conduct successful offensive operations simultaneously in several strategic areas been overestimated.

“According to our evaluations, 17 BTGs have been completely destroyed in 80 days.”

Despite this significant loss for Vladimir Putin, Mr Reznikov points out that Russians still outnumber Ukraine when it comes to heavy weaponry.

He notes that the Kremlin dominates in areas including aviation and armoured vehicles.

Moscow also trumps Ukraine when it comes to multiple launch rocket systems, and artillery, the minister said.

He added: “According to Ukrainian intelligence, the total combined group of troops used against Ukraine (including reserves) is about 167,000 personnel.

“91 BTGs have been directly deployed to take part in the fighting.

“Taking into account all the reserves, Russia can send additional 55 BTGs to the hostilities within one to two months.”

It comes as the Strategic Communications Directorate of Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that the artillery of the Ukrainian forces destroyed the command post of the Russian Black Sea Fleet brigade.

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Indicative estimates by Ukraine’s Armed Forces also highlight the loss of 1251 Russian tanks, 202 planes and 2137 vehicle and fuel tanks.

586 artillery systems have also been lost alongside 3043 armoured protected vehicles.

102 cruise missiles and 91 anti-aircraft warfare have also been lost by Russia during the combat.

Commenting on the significant losses, Kyiv resident Anders Östlund described the figures as “staggering”.

He claims the remaining Russian troops who remain fighting “must be extremely exhausted”.

In a tweet he wrote: “Staggering Russian losses in the war. If we assume there are two wounded soldiers for each dead Russia is approaching 100,000 battlefield casualties, or about half of the force it deployed in Ukraine.

“The soldiers who are still around to fight must be extremely exhausted.”

He then reflected on his own state service experience, and how typical conscript deployments were shorter in length than the tenure carried out by Russian troops so far.

He said: “That’s why units are withdrawn from the battlefield to rest and recover. Some times they are withdrawn from the frontline to areas further back and sometimes they are withdrawn much further back for rest. Without rests soldiers will eventually become useless, fighting or not.”

He added: “If the Russian soldiers in Ukraine are not able to rest or recover they will eventually become useless even if they are deployed to areas with less fighting.

“With long-range artillery and partisan activity Ukraine can wear more Russians down, and faster.”


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