Putin mouthpiece warns Ukraine invasion 'rehearsal' for 'bigger conflict' with NATO


While talking live on Channel 1 of Russia’s state-controlled TV, Russian professor of World Politics Alexei Fenenko described the ongoing war in Ukraine as “a rehearsal for Russia for a bigger conflict” with NATO. He claimed Moscow is “testing NATO weapons” in Ukraine, adding that the ongoing war “is a leading experience for our future conflict” with the West.

Mr Fenenko started: “For now, the war in Ukraine is a rehearsal for a possible bigger conflict in the future.

“We will test and compare NATO weapons to our own.

“We will find out on the battlefield how much stronger our weapons are than theirs.

“This may be a be a leading experience for our future conflict.”

After the claims, someone in the programme was heard commenting: “It’s a scary experiment”.

The clip from Russian state-controlled TV was posted on Twitter by the journalist and columnist Julia Davis.

Ms Davis wrote the caption: “Meanwhile on Russian state TV: Professor Alexei Fenenko, leading research fellow at the Institute of International Security Studies, says that for Russia, its war in Ukraine is a rehearsal for a potential larger conflict with NATO countries”.

The images being broadcast live alongside Mr Fenenko’s remarks on the war in Ukraine show moments of the press conference held by US President Joe Biden following his meeting on Thursday with Sweden Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson and President of Finland Saul Niinisto.

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Finland and Sweden were welcomed to the White House by Mr Biden following their decision to send an official application to join NATO in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

In light of the visit and the NATO application, Mr Biden said both countries have “the full, total, complete backing” of the US.

While standing alongside the two leaders, he also added: “Today, I am proud to welcome and offer the strong support of the United States for the applications of two great democracies and two close, highly capable partners to join the strongest, most powerful defensive alliance in the history of the world.

“The bottom line is simple, quite straightforward: Finland and Sweden make NATO stronger.

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“Not just because of their capacity but because of their strong, strong democracies.

He concluded: “Let me be clear: New members joining NATO is not a threat to any nation.

“It never has been as NATO’s purpose is to defend against aggression.

“That’s its purpose, to defend”.


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