Putin 'using belligerent and aggressive rhetoric to scare the West with nuclear threats


Professor Craig claimed that the Russian dictator had come up against clear obstacles. The former US army officer explained that Putin was using belligerent and aggressive rhetoric in order to try and make Western countries scared to continue to support Ukraine. The Cardiff professor said that it was a classic nuclear strategy that the Russian president was using against Western countries. Putin has been ramping up his threats to Western countries in recent weeks as the West condemns his actions and have been refusing to give in to his blackmail tactics as many NATO-aligned countries have vowed to continue to support Ukraine.

Mr Craig told Times Radio: “To me, it’s very good news because as far as I can tell and this is all tea leaf reading, but as far as I can tell if he sees essentially no exit ramp as far as escalating the war, using nuclear weapons.

“It’s… He’s he’s come up against a clear obstacle, I mean the thing that he’s been using very belligerent and aggressive rhetoric over the last several months.

“And he’s been trying to make the West and other nations that are in opposition to the… To his war in Ukraine.

“Feel as though there’s a risk of nuclear war if they continue to support Ukraine.

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Mr Craig added: “If there is any kind of setback for Russia this is classic nuclear strategy stuff.

“And what I’m seeing in this and again, this is just a very very quick interpretation of a few words of his.

“What I’m seeing is that it’s evident that he is, we’re not out of options.

“He doesn’t have anything left easily to do, it’s clear that the West is not going to simply run away in fear as a result of his nuclear sabre rattling.

“But at the same time, it doesn’t have any good options in the actual ground war in Ukraine.”

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Putin has been accused by Western military experts of nuclear sabre rattling as he has been upping his threats of nuclear attacks on countries like the UK and the US.

Putin has been doing his best to try and win the ongoing war in Ukraine, and in recent weeks has called for up to 300,000 more Russian soldiers to join the battle in Ukraine.

The Russian dictator has been threatening countries in the West with nuclear attacks if he feels they are a threat to Russian during the onslaught in Ukraine.

Jeffrey Sachs a Columbia University professor of economics explained his worry about more escalations from Russia during the ongoing war.

Mr Sachs told Bloomberg Radio: “I am very worried that we’re on a path of escalation to nuclear war – nothing less than that. 

“We have essentially a war in which Russia feels that this war is at it’s core of its security interests. 

“The United States insists that it will do anything to support Ukraine’s defeat of Russia. Russia views this as a proxy war with the United States.

“Most of the world is terrified now frankly because it’s unbelievable to be hearing on one side: ‘well, we’ll nuclear weapons if we need to.’

“And the other side is saying: ‘You can’t frighten us.’

Mr Sachs added: “Most of the world is terrified now frankly because it’s unbelievable to be hearing on one side: ‘well, we’ll nuclear weapons if we need to.’

“And the other side is saying: ‘You can’t frighten us.’



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