Putin's ex-wife claimed President 'tested' her throughout marriage: 'Always observing me'


On Tuesday Putin warned the West that any attempts to isolate Moscow from the world would fail, insisting that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was “noble”. He said he had no doubts that Russia would achieve all of its objectives in Ukraine, a war which he claims was inevitable and essential in the defence of Russia’s long term future. Putin said: “Its goals are absolutely clear and noble. It’s clear that we didn’t have a choice. It was the right decision.”

The Russian leader’s comments come as the West attempts to investigate claims that Russia used chemical weapons on the besieged city of Mariupol. 

Troops are alleged to have deployed an unknown substance on the Ukrainian city, and officials have since said that some people have shown symptoms of chemical poisoning, including respiratory failure.

Putin’s relationship with the West has been fraught with tension since he first became President in 1999.

While he has been one of the most prominent leaders on the global stage for more than two decades, his private life has long been shrouded with mystery.

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However, in 2013, the President’s home life burst onto the news agenda after he and his then wife, Lyudmila, took to Russian state television for a joint announcement about their upcoming “mutual” and “civilised” divorce.

Born to a factory worker and cashier mother, Lyudmila grew up in modest surroundings, and on finishing school, worked at a machinery plant before becoming a flight attendant.

She met Putin in the mid-Eighties and the pair soon married, yet during their three decade relationship Lydumila claimed that her husband constantly “tested” her.

Speaking to Oleg Blotsky, Putin’s biographer, Lyudmila explained: “To say that Vladimir Vladimirovich tested me throughout our entire life together is completely correct.

Lyudmila added that she thought little of the “poorly dressed” man she met outside a theatre while on a double date.

In the book, ‘First Person’ Lyudmila also makes clear in her account that in their early years together, Putin’s mother cared little for her. 

She claimed that at their first meeting, Lyudmila introduced herself and was told by her future mother-in-law: “He’s already had a girlfriend named Lyuda, and she was quite a nice one”.

Elsewhere, Lyudmila shares details about the President’s strange and confusing proposal.

She recalled: “One night we were sitting in his house and he said, ‘You know what kind of person I am by now. In general I’m not very easy-going.’

“He was being self critical. 

“He explained that he was the silent type, that he was rather abrupt in some things and he could insult people, and so on. He was saying he was a risky life partner. 

“And he added, ‘In three and a half years, you have probably made up your mind.’

“It sounded like we were breaking up. 

“‘Yes, I’ve made up my mind’, I said. He let out a doubtful ‘Yes?’

“Then I was sure that that was it, we were breaking up. 

“But then he said, ‘Well then if that is the way it is, I love you and propose we get married’. 

“So it all came as a complete surprise to me.”


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