Queen Elizabeth didn't let Meghan wear the 'scandalous' wedding tiara she wanted – claim


It has been reported that Meghan wanted to wear a completely different tiara on her wedding day, but was refused the option by Queen Elizabeth. Due to a specific reason, Meghan had to settle for the Queen Mary tiara instead.

According to royal historian Robert Lacey, Meghan wanted to wear a stunning emerald and diamond tiara on her wedding day.

However, the Queen did not allow the Duchess her choice, forcing her to wear a different headpiece.

In the book Battle of Brothers: William and Harry – the Friendship and the Feuds, Robert wrote: “Unconfirmed by the palace – but not denied – we were told that the Queen felt that she had to say ‘no’ to Meghan’s first choice, a beautiful emerald headdress that was said ‘to have come from Russia’.

“This was code for a sensitive origin, meaning that the treasure was one of those that had found its way into Windsor hands through ‘undefined’ not to say dodgy channels – and for an undisclosed price – in the aftermath of the Russian Revolution.

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“There was scandal attached. For this reason, the emerald tiara was seldom, if ever, put on public display and it would suit neither the palace nor Meghan herself that spring if newspapers started speculating about which Tsarist princess had worn the tiara and how she had been assassinated.”

Robert made more claims in his book, saying that Prince Harry “flew into rage” when Meghan told her husband-to-be that she couldn’t wear her preferred tiara.

“Unfortunately, Harry’s ignorance of both history and family tradition meant that he had no understanding of this subtlety,” the author wrote.

Journalists Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand addressed the story in their book too, entitled Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of a Modern Royal Family.

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The authors wrote that there was no tension between Meghan and the Queen, but there was a disagreement between Harry and the late monarch’s dresser, Angela Kelly.

Omid and Carolyn said that Harry became angry when Angela reportedly did not help Meghan set up a hair trial with her stylist.

“In the end, Harry had to speak to his grandmother about the situation. And she got her trial,” the journalists wrote.

“A source close to the prince said nothing could convince Harry that some of the old guard at the palace simply didn’t like Meghan and would stop at nothing to make her life difficult.”

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Omid and Carolyn went on to say that Harry did not argue with his grandmother, but had a “heated exchange” with Angela. A source also added the royal was “fed up”.

Omid spoke about the situation on television too. In August 2020, he told True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat: “Harry had to intervene.

“He called his grandmother and said, ‘I don’t know what the hell is going on. But this woman needs to make this work for my future wife’.”

Following this, journalist Dan Wootton claimed that Harry’s behaviour was a “shocking outburst” and that he had “yelled” at the Queen.

But Omid wrote on Twitter: “I never said Prince Harry ‘yelled’ or ‘shouted’ at the Queen – not in an interview or in the book. Ridiculous claim to make.”

Speaking about Omid and Carolyn’s book, a spokesperson for Meghan and Harry previously said in a statement: “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were not interviewed and did not contribute to Finding Freedom.

“This book is based on the authors’ own experiences as members of the royal press corps and their own independent reporting.”

On The Royal Beat, Omid added: “The tiara selection went wonderfully. The Queen was very happy, Meghan was very happy.”


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