Queen's John Deacon: The gorgeous hit he wrote for his wife and battled with Freddie over


Although John is playing the instrument on the record, in the video he is shown playing a grand piano. And when the song was performed on tour with Freddie back at the keyboards, he once again refused to use an organ.

The video was filmed by Bruce Gowers, director of the Bohemian Rhapsody clip, in a barn next to a pig farm.

While not quite as revolutionary, its use of hundreds of candles set a trend in rock videos for decades to come. Unfortunately the heat and light they generated attracted swarms of flies.

It all paid off when the song became another major hit for the band. It also became an eternal testimony to John’s marriage.

The Queen legend is still with Veronica, living in that same house they bought in 1975 in Putney, London, and where they raised their six children.


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