Ranking The Best Uniforms In Major League Baseball


The Dodgers’ home uniforms remain among the best in baseball, and haven’t changed much for decades. The Colorado Athletics, meanwhile, are the only team in MLB to wear purple. Regardless of style, pinstripes are the uniform of choice for most fans. Here’s how to rank the best baseball uniforms of all time. Ultimately, you’ll have to decide which team’s uniform you prefer.

St. Louis has the best two-toned hat in Major League Baseball

The St. Louis Cardinals have the best two-toned hat in Major League Baseball. Not like Nelly’s red “STL” cap, this hat is a literal representation of the team’s mascot, the cardinal. This hat has been in the rotation since 1998. Despite the lackluster performance on the field, it still looks great.

Oakland has the best horizontal striped uniforms

While there are many good things about the Athletics’ primary and alternate uniforms, the current set is not quite up to par. Oakland’s home whites, road grays, and elephant logos all date back to 1987. Their elephant logo is a great piece of baseball history, and their alternates are sharp in colors such as forest green, gold, and new kelly greens.

While Oakland’s home uniforms feature a dark blue and orange color scheme, their uniforms are far from boring. Oakland also has brown-and-yellow faux backs, six Wednesday throwbacks, and two Sunday camouflage alternates. They also wear a different jersey for special occasions, including holidays. But their uniforms may be the most popular in the league.

The Royals’ uniforms are another example of a team with a distinctly different color scheme. While the Dodgers wear a powder blue home jersey, they are also distinguished by a royal-blue road uniform. The team wore the road blue uniform only 29 times during the 2018 regular season. Oakland’s uniforms are so striking that they’re easily recognizable by a baseball fan.

Los Angeles Angels’ uniform feels uninspired and bland

Since moving from L.A. to Anaheim, the Angels have been undergoing a uniform overhaul. While the home uniform has been a success, the road uniforms are uninspired and bland. The only thing that elevates them above the rest is their all-blue caps and large logo. While the Angels’ name is often paired with an all-blue uniform, the team’s logo is an unnecessary distraction.

The latest design of the Angels’ uniform has received mixed reactions from fans. The first round of feedback was generally positive, while the second round of comments seemed to be a disappointment. The uniform was not as exciting as fans had hoped. The re branding has been largely met with skepticism and a general lack of fan enthusiasm. Fans, however, have expressed their displeasure with the previous designs.

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