'Real possibility': Balearics set to enter green list tomorrow Government source suggests


The Balearic Islands are set to be added to the green list, according to a Government source. It is a “real possibility” the Spanish islands will be added to the green list tomorrow.

Some data analysis has also suggested the next countries that should be added to the green list.

Data analysed by the PC Agency from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and Our World in Data ranked countries compared to the UK’s green list criteria.

According to the data the US, Croatia, Canada, Italy, Germany, the Balearic Islands, Mexico, Jamaica, Finland, Poland, Morocco, Malta, Barbados and Grenada should all be added to the green list.

Aside from the green list is the amber and red list.

Those returning from an amber list must self-quarantine for 10 days. Those coming back from the red list will have to stay in Government-mandated hotel for 10 days.

He went on: “No of course not. We’re talking a very limited number of people who are coming in and they’re also subject still to quite significant restrictions.

Experts have claimed there is an “immense void” without Britons in Spain, with Majorca hotels ‘paralysed’ by quarantine. 

“The absence of visitors from the United Kingdom has left an immense void,” executive vice president of the FEHM, María José Aguiló told Spanish newspaper Ultimahora.es.

And he added: “The lack of this market has paralysed hotel openings and complementary offerings.”


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