Remaining Ukrainian fighters remain holed up as future of Mariupol being planned


Ukraine: Mariupol appears to be struck by phosphorus bombs

In spite of over 700 Ukrainian soldiers surrendering to Russian forces, the city remains under a highly tense stand-off as transition appears to be inevitable. According to Russian officials, a few senior Ukrainian commanders remain in the complex as Vladimir Putin’s forces sweep the area for any last remaining resistance.

Mariupol has come under intense Russian shelling and bombing in Moscow’s bid to create a land bridge between Crimea and the mainland, as well as “liberating” Ukraine from Nazis.

Yet with the city under the control of Chechen fighters loyal to Putin, the task of rebuilding the city has already been discussed.

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov suggests that by pledging loyalty to Moscow, the city of Mariupol could be rebuilt in the image of Grozny.

The city of Grozny suffered a similar fate to Mariupol during the Chechen war, yet, upon Mr Kadyrov being installed as a Putin ally, the city was rebuilt with towering skyscrapers and neatly manicured parks and open spaces under the Chechen warlord, with Moscow spending billions to repay the loyalty.

Mr Kadyrov said on Wednesday that a new, Putin-loyal-government in Mariupol, “learning from our experience”, could benefit from the same treatment.


Ramzan Kadyrov predicts a bright future for a Putin-loyal Mariupol (Image: Getty)

Captured Ukrainian Soldiers

Russia claims to have captured 700 Ukrainian soldiers who surrendered (Image: Getty)

With prisoner exchanges now being agreed upon between Moscow and Kyiv, the control of Mariupol will likely remain under Mr Kadyrov as Russian resources remain stretched.

The powerful Kadyrov family will ensure pockets of resistance, as well as a Ukrainian attempt to retake the city remain in check.

Speaking at an educational event on Wednesday, Mr Kadyrov reiterated the benefits of a pro-Putin administration in Mariupol.

He said: “Our practice of quickly and efficiently restoring a comfortable and beautiful urban environment will significantly support local authorities.”

Putin mouthpiece issues staggering claim over Ukraine evacuation

Kadyrov and Putin

Kadyrov is loyal to Putin following the Chechen war (Image: Getty)


The city of Grozny was rebuilt beautifully after the war (Image: Getty)

With Russia suffering huge losses during the war, which has now entered its 85th day, the British Ministry of Defence said Russia’s shortage of personnel is the reason Mr Kadyrov and his family are running operations in Mariupol.

A statement by the Ministry said: “In attempting to overcome Ukrainian resistance, Russia has made significant use of auxiliary personnel.

“This includes deployment of Chechen forces, likely consisting of several thousand fighters primarily concentrated in the Mariupol and Luhansk sectors.

“Kadyrov likely maintains close personal oversight of the deployment, while his cousin Adam Delimkhanov has likely acted as the Chechen field commander in Mariupol.

“The combat deployment of such disparate personnel demonstrates Russia’s significant resourcing problems in Ukraine and is likely contributing to a disunited command which continues to hamper Russia’s operations.”

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Mikhail Podolyak

Mikhail Podolyak, an adviser to Ukraine’s president, said the talks are “on hold” (Image: Getty)

Speaking of the remaining fighters refusing to surrender, Russia claimed the group could face possible war crime charges.

Denis Pushilin, leader of the Kremlin-run Donetsk People’s Republic said: “As for war criminals as well as those who are nationalists, their fate if they laid down their arms, should be decided by the courts.

“If the enemy has laid down arms, then his fate will be decided by the courts.

“If it is a Nazi criminal, then it’s a tribunal.”

Russia’s Investigative Committee said it would “check their involvement in crimes committed against civilians”.

Kyiv has vowed to do “everything necessary” to evacuate the remaining troops in the steelworks, while Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s president, said his best negotiators were working on potential prisoner swap deals.

With the city of Mariupol falling, hopes of a peaceful end to the conflict are now being discussed.

Does the capture of Mariupol spell the beginning of the end of the war? Should Russia pay to rebuild all Ukrainian cities damaged in the war? Let us know your thoughts by CLICKING HERE and joining the discussion in our comments section below – Every Voice Matters!

Sergei Lavrov

Sergei Lavrov insists Russia is ready for negotiations (Image: Getty)

However, one Ukrainian official does not see the hope of diplomacy prevailing.

Mikhail Podolyak, an adviser to Ukraine’s president, said the talks are “on hold” as Moscow is unwilling to accept “it will not achieve any goals”.

He added: “Russia does not demonstrate a key understanding of today’s processes in the world.”

This was waived off by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov who said no peace agreement could be reached if negotiators tried to “transfer dialogue” to focus on what the West had to say instead of the situation in Ukraine.

He continued: “We always say that we are ready for negotiations… but we were given no other choice.”

Mr Lavrov’s deputy, Andrey Rudenko, said Kyiv “has practically withdrawn from the negotiations process”, while Russian negotiator Leonid Slutsky said talks were not being conducted in any format.


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