'Remove and prevent it': Easy product to get rid of mould in your home


Cleaner Sam, who shared her tips and tricks with Express.co.uk, detailed how she struggles with mould in her own home.

Astonishes’s Mould & Mildew Blaster costs just £1.19.

The brand claims it “blasts away mould and mildew stains in minutes without the need for scrubbing.”

It’s used by spraying it on the surface you want to clean.

Then leave it on for a few minutes, before rinsing or wiping clean.

Astonish said: “On vertical surfaces apply via a sponge or cloth to avoid a runoff.”

How to prevent mount

Keep humidity down in your home. This can be done by using extractor fans and keeping windows open so air is flowing freely.

Make sure to fix leeks your walls and windows.

Paint your home with anti-mould paint where possible.

How to get rid of mould

If you already have mould, you should remove it. Then you should take whichever measures you can to prevent it.

Make a mixture of one part bleach and 10 parts water and apply it with a sponge to affected areas.


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