Rep. Nicole Malliotakis wants President Biden to say we stand with the Cuban people

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Rep. Nicole Malliotakis joined “Your World with Neil Cavuto” to discuss the protests in Cuba. 

REP. NICOLE MALLIOTAKIS: In the report, it said that the government has taken control. We actually don’t know whether that is true because they’ve shut off the internet access that the Cubans had, the little internet access that they did have to get the message and these videos out. So we don’t know what is going on, on the Island, but it is being reported that the people are being beaten, that some protesters had disappeared and there’s been a crackdown by this communist regime that historically has beaten, jailed and killed dissidents—people that have spoken out against the government. What I would like to see President Biden do is be very strong and say unequivocally that we stand with the Cuban people against a communist dictatorship and that we want to see freedom. We want to see a move toward free and fair elections, allowing the Cuban people to determine their future. Certainly, for the short term, we also want the Internet access to be put on. Allow the people to protest without being attacked and abused by government officials and allowing them to speak their hearts and minds at this moment. It’s such a pivotal moment and, in addition to that, the situation in Cuba is so dire. They don’t have food. They don’t have access to Aspirin, to soap—basic things! That is why they are uprising right now. They’ve had enough. They’re tired of living in squalor and seeing the communist regime take everything that comes into this island and live as kings while the people live in squalor. 


We have not heard anything. Obviously, social media is a way that they communicate. We have not heard anything and certainly, we’re concerned about the status of what is happening there. I think it’s very important right now for Democrats and Republicans to just put politics aside. Understand that there are people who want basic human rights. Okay? Liberties and freedoms that we take for granted in this country. To hear Bernie Sanders blame the United States of America is absolutely shameful that he’s covering for a communist, brutal, murderous regime. Quite frankly, that point is complete nonsense. 


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