Rishi Sunak on tax rises for Britons as he makes Income Tax and National Insurance pledge

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The broadcaster replied: “I understand that, but I’m wondering how you can do all that extra spending – and you’ll be asked to do a lot more, the Cabinet Office has estimated that up to £40billion will be needed to deal with this backlog on the NHS – how you can do all that, and try to meet your fiscal goals of a smaller deficit, without raising more taxes?”

Mr Sunak responded: “That’s my job to do and the time to do it will be at a Spending Review in the autumn. We can’t decide that now, but all governments have choices to make.

“And as we talked about before, it’s right that we’re careful with people’s money.

“Now we’re hopefully through the crisis phase of this and we’re looking forward, I’ve got one eye on the future. I want to make sure we’re protected against risks that you’ve talked about.

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