Royal etiquette: The bizarre dining traditions Royal Family must follow


Drinking hot beverages

While most of us wouldn’t think twice about how to drink a beautiful brew when it’s placed in front of us, the Royal Family are very particular about their china.

The Royal Family will sip from the same spot whenever drinking tea or coffee, and lipstick on the rim of a cup is a big no.

Mr Hanson added: “This is true, especially for those wearing lipstick.

“Ruby red rings of lipstick around a cup or glass are not attractive for anyone.”

The rumours that royals stick their pinky finger in the air when drinking is also a big myth.

The etiquette expert added: “Members of the Royal Family usually hold the teacup pinching their thumb and index finger between the handle, with their other fingers following the shape of the handle for support.

“It is not, contrary to popular belief, sophisticated to stick the little finger out when drinking tea or coffee.”


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