Ryanair passenger shares 'genius' hack to avoid excess luggage charges – 'so helpful'


A TikTokker has gone viral for posting a video of herself sharing a tip on how to make the most of luggage space on a Ryanair flight. Kristen Black, who goes by the username @kristenashleyblack on TikTok, shared the tip to help others fit more clothes in their Ryanair carry-on bag.

Passengers flying with Ryanair are only allowed one carry-on bag with them on a flight.

To take more clothes with them on holiday, they must pay extra to put a bag in the hold.

This can sometimes cost passengers more than the flight itself, and so it’s worth trying to pack light to try and fit everything in one bag.

Kristen has shared how passengers can make more room in their bag.

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The captions accompanying Kristen’s video read: “How to pack for your Ryanair flight when you have zero luggage allowance.”

She then went on to share another hack, with the text in her video reading: “Use your hat for the souvenirs you bought during ya trip.”(sic)

Kristen put a souvenir gift on her head and placed her hat on top of it.

Lastly, she put items in the pockets of her coat, with the video’s text reading: “Stuff those pockets.”

Jackson commented: “Pretty similar to what I did on my easyJet flight. Was wearing three pairs of trousers, four t-shirts, hoodie, jacket with pockets for days.”

Sinead added: “You cracked the code girl.”

User xg00sebomps wrote: “So helpful and one of my favs right now thanks guuuurl.”(sic)

Travelgirl_lasvegas said: “This is….genius.”

However, user ii.szymon said: “Just get priority with a suitcase, it’s not even expensive.”

User bay said: “I’d rather pay the extra fees than look like you.”

Cracktoosie added: “But if I did this I’d get tackled to the floor.”


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