Save £110 on the cordless Shark Vacuum that’s ‘better than Dyson’


Shark vacuum cleaners were some of the top-selling products in last year’s Prime Day sale, with shoppers always keen to snatch up one of the best selling devices while they’re on sale – and right now, they are.

Usually retailing for £349.99, you can now pick up the Shark Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner for just £239.01 – that’s a massive £110.98 discount.

Many of the reviews compared this Shark vacuum to its competitors, such as Dyson – and usually, the Shark won out. One reviewer said: “I have had a Dyson for many years and then decided to try a cordless shark. Well, I am delighted with the results and amazed at how much dust and hair it is still sucking up. I would advise anyone to buy a shark ASAP”.

This innovative vacuum has amassed over 6,800 glowing 5-star reviews, with thousands of reviewers impressed with the device. This reviewer said: “ I love this cordless vacuum, more powerful than my last one. Love the fact that, when used as a handheld, it’s just as powerful. Also, I like the boost trigger and the folding for easy storage. And yes, the hair wrap function really works brilliantly”.

Although the vacuum is cordless, the 40-minute run time helps you get the best of both worlds: the freedom of moving through the house without worrying about cords, and the battery power to get you through your clean without having to stop and charge.

When you have pets, you know the struggle of getting rid of their hair. Not only does it find its way into every corner of the home, but it can also get tangled up in your vacuum and make vacuuming more of a chore than it already is. This vacuum from Shark comes with anti-hair wrap technology that removes hair from the brush roll as you clean, so you don’t have to stop and remove hair build-up, so you can get the job done faster.

Another aspect of pet ownership is vacuuming their hair from the car and furniture, which can be hard to do with a big device. This shark vacuum can convert into a handheld, making this kind of vacuuming quick and easy.

If you have limited mobility, a bad back, or you’re elderly, bending over to get under furniture and into the nooks and crannies of your home just isn’t possible. This vacuum comes with reflexology bends so that it can bend and reach under low-lying furniture.

As we head into hay fever season, it’s best to ensure we’re keeping our homes allergen-free so as to not aggravate allergy-sufferers symptoms. The anti-allergen complete seal in this Shark vacuum traps dust and allergens inside the vacuum, so you can help your home remain allergy-free. This vacuum also gives you the ability to switch from carpets to hard floors with ease, with the two brush-rolls working together in one floor head – no adjustments necessary.

If this gadget seems like just the vacuum you’re looking for, you can pick it up on Amazon while it’s still on sale here.


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