"Shut up, Macron!" French president told to stop undermining AstraZeneca jab by ex-MEP


The French President has consistently changed his position with regards to the life saving vaccine. He famously described the Oxford jab as “quasi-ineffective”, before later volunteering to take the vaccine. Given the growing scepticism of the public towards vaccines in general, Angelika Mlinar told Express.co.uk that Mr Macron would have been wiser to keep his opinions to himself.

She said: “It is best to shut up. We have had this anti-vaccine hysteria.

“I am sure you have it in the UK as well. I mean come on this has been going on for years and years now.

“It’s not a normal easy disease. It’s really potentially dangerous, so we have to take care.

“I never talked against any of these vaccinations for the simple reason in order not to have an even bigger group of people who are against it.”

The former NEOS Party MEP added: “The less we talk about whatever this not working – because it is not true , we know it is functioning – the better for us all.

“Give me AstraZeneca, give me whatever.”

Europe’s vaccine rollout has been plagued and hindered by a lack of vaccine supplies.

This has caused the EU to currently lag well behind the UK in terms of numbers vaccinated.

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“Let’s talk about it in the summer and also basically when other countries have had the second jab and when we will have our third immunity.”

Thierry Breton, the European Commissioner in charge of Brussels’ vaccine taskforce, told The Guardian in a recent interview that he was confident that the EU will have fully vaccinated 70 percent of adults by the end of July.

By way of comparison, the UK Government is hoping to have offered one vaccine dose for all over-18s by the end of the same month.


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