Spider-Man No Way Home trailer 'LEAKED': 'First footage of Doc Ock'


Rumours surrounding the first trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home have been a hot topic for months at this point. Marvel fans have been hotly anticipating the trailer’s release, which is said to involve previous Spidey actors Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. A video that is supposedly a draft of the trailer has now surfaced on the internet.

The video’s events and scenes have not been confirmed to be real by Marvel or Sony Pictures, so readers are advised to take this information with a grain of salt.

The video has also been taken down from the website in question.  

The upcoming film is expected to continue on from Far From Home’s shocking final moments which involved Peter Parker’s (Tom Holland) secret identity being revealed to the world by Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal).

The reported trailer is also said to include unfinished CGI.

Rumours have surfaced over the past year suggesting that Parker will be going to Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) for help, as the actor is on the cast list.

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Further reports have claimed previous Spider-Men Garfield and Maguire will be joining Holland on his new adventure.

Fans commenting on the trailer have added that Molina is indeed “revealed” in the trailer.

One wrote: “That leaked #SpiderManNoWayHome trailer, as bad as it is to see, gets me even more hyped for it. #MCU is just on fire and this multiverse angle might end up being the best phase they ever do. I mean I got chills when Alfred Molina popped up.”

Another said: “Oh my goodness Alfred Molina #SpiderManNoWayHome.” (sic)

The return of Molina should not be that surprising to Spider-Man fans as he previously revealed the rumours of his casting to be true.

Speaking out earlier this year Molina confirmed: “When we were shooting [No Way Home], we were all under orders not to talk about it, because it was supposed to be some great big secret.

“But, you know, it’s all over the internet. I actually described myself as the worst kept secret in Hollywood!” (Via Variety)

Molina went on to say: “It was wonderful. It was very interesting going back after 17 years to play the same role, given that in the intervening years, I now have two chins, a wattle, crow’s feet and a slightly a slightly dodgy lower back.”

The Spider-Man 2 actor isn’t the only star to have spoken out about being involved in the movie.

Last year Foxx posted an image of his Amazing Spider-Man 2 character, Electro, facing off against three Spider-Men.

His Instagram post’s caption included him claiming he was involved in the new film.

Foxx said in a now-deleted post: “Tell Spidey let’s run it back! … Super excited to [be a] part of the new Marvel Spider-Man new installment. Can’t wait for y’all to check the new one. And I won’t be blue in this one!” (sic)

Garfield, meanwhile, has said he “has not received a call” about reprising his role as Peter Parker.

The official, Marvel-released trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home has not yet been released.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is due for release on December 17, 2021.



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