State pension age Britons with arthritis may get boost of up to £358 monthly – check now


While the state pension provides important financial aid to older people, many are hoping for an extra financial boost. Many people will be entitled to the full state pension sum of £179.60 per week, however, others will receive less from the Government. Regardless of what a person actually receives from the state pension, their age could help them gain eligibility for additional help.

This could involve challenges with day-to-day activities, as well as generally getting around and mobility.

As a result, checking eligibility for Attendance Allowance is a good course of action.

The payment is issued weekly at two different rates, and what a person gets depends on the help they need.

However, it is not means-tested, meaning what a person earns or how much they have saved does not impact their sum.

The lower rate of Attendance Allowance is currently £60, and this is for those who need “frequent help or constant supervision during the day, or supervision at night”.

The higher rate is reserved for those who require help or supervision throughout both day and night, and is set at £89.60.

Claiming the higher rate could therefore mean eligible people can receive £358 per month worth of support.

Britons can expect the sum to be paid directly into their bank, building society or credit union account. 

To be eligible, a person must have a physical or mental disability or both which is severe enough to require help caring for themselves, or someone to supervise them.

This help must have been required for at least six months, unless a person is terminally ill.

Individuals must be in Great Britain when they claim, and have been so for at least two of the last three years.

Claiming Attendance Allowance must be done by post, and Britons can access the form via the Government’s official website or through the helpline. 

The payment can be backdated to the day a person made a claim. 


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