Stopped in their tracks: Saboteurs blow up Putin rail plan as air force bombs 30 vehicles


Sabotage groups have been working alongside the Ukrainian army in the occupied city. Putin’s troops have been using railway routes to transport weapons and military personnel across the occupied areas – and to organise the shelling of more territory. But, as a form of resistance and in order to obstruct the operation, saboteurs planted explosives to obliterate the crucial supply link.

On Monday, an explosion destroyed railway tracks near the centre of the city, local news outlet RIA Melitopol reported.

Now, Putin’s soldiers, equipped with submachine guns, are hunting for the saboteur team, local residents told the outlet.

The incident follows more key attacks by Ukrainian resistance groups within the past few weeks.

On April 28, they blew up a railway bridge in Akimovka, a village in the Melitopol district, destroying the passage.

Trains carrying weapons and fuel from Russian-controlled Crimean territory would pass through that bridge for the purposes of the Russian invasion.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Air Force announced it managed to destroy a total of 30 combat vehicles on May 23.

This included one cruise missile, as well as 5 Orlan-10-class, and Hranat-class drones.

On May 18, Ukrainian sabotage groups also blew up a train carrying Russian soldiers and military equipment, reportedly killing several troops.

The fighters placed a bomb on the railway, obliterating the train as it passed in a deafening explosion.

The occupiers are also using the Ukrainian railway to carry grain through Melitopol and the occupied area of Kherson.

Moscow has been stealing the harvest of Ukrainian grain and blocking exports of it from the country’s main seaports.

On Tuesday, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps warned famine caused by grain and food shortages due to the invasion of Ukraine could cause more deaths than the war itself.


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