Struggling with poor Wi-Fi at home? Incredible deal will boost your signal for a low price

Whole Home is a mesh Wi-Fi system, like you’ll get from a Google Nest Wi-Fi or Amazon Eero range. These systems rely on multiple nodes around the home, which each broadcast and boost the strength of your Wi-Fi signal. As you move around your home, your gadgets will be bounced between the nodes so they’re always connected to the strongest possible signal. If you have dozens of devices, these will be distributed evenly across the nodes, rather than clogging up a single Wi-Fi router.

While the Whole Home system has been designed and built by the clever teams at BT, you won’t need to have a BT broadband connection to use it. You’ll be able to plug-in these nodes around your home no matter who supplies your supplier, including Virgin Media, Sky or TalkTalk. Even if you currently do use BT for your connection, it means you won’t need to switch

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